Wireless Mobile Charger – Revolution in Wireless Power Transmission

The new revolution in wireless power transmission with the help of wireless mobile charger has been developed to allow you to transmit power without the use of wires.  This actually provides us safety from electricity especially due to power leakage or through improper connectivity. The wireless mobile charger is a revolution as it is gives simple and efficient wireless electricity to surfaces like walls, tables, floors and so on.  The technology of the wireless mobile charger is user friendly and can be used in all environments and places. Most of them are made of plastic with a base of rubber so that it doesn’t slip around on a table.

How the Wireless Mobile charger works

The Wireless Mobile Charger works on the basis of a pad and an adapter which is specific or unique to each mobile device.  The pad is to be plugged in to a socket in a wall and the power gets transmitted from the surface of the pad to the electric contacts that are present on the adapters on each device.  The transmission of power is done 100% without any wastage and hence completely efficient.  Additionally, it is also environment friendly.  The most interesting of the wireless mobile charger is that with the help of a single pad power can be transmitted to many adapters all at the same time.

The pad of the wireless mobile charger has to be bought along with the device adapters which will be different for different mobile phones. Devices such as mobile phones as well as iPhones, Nintendo DS units, netbooks, laptops, Sony PlayStation portables and many others can be charged with the help of the wireless mobile charger in this fashion by just attaching the receiver device to the device to be charged and then placing it on top of the charging mat.

Magnetic points on the mat deliver the power to the adapter and then to your mobile device.  The charging process usually begins at once with a tweet sound which alerts you that you have connected it properly.   The charging time for the wireless mobile charger is usually the same as the standard plug and the devices will also hold the same amount of battery life.

Some companies also supply about six or seven universal adapters along with the wireless mobile charger pad.  For charging iPhone 3G and iPod and RIM Blackberry Bold you can use the adapters crafted specifically for it.

However, some people are already happy with the traditional charger that comes with the box and may not be eager to shell out another sum to do what they are already doing for free by using a wireless mobile charger.

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