World’s Smallest Camera –Smallest Spy Gear Ever

Misumi Electronics Corp. is a fast growing manufacturer of Surveillance equipments based in Taiwan.  They apply the latest CMOS Image Sensor Devices, that is, camera on a chip for designing and manufacturing video cameras to make the world’s smallest cameras for security and surveillance purposes.

The technology used for making the world’s smallest camera is very high and they try to minimize the size of the cameras and at the same time produce crisp and clear pictures.  The design is usually very small and sleek and allows for various applications such as medical, video conferencing, microscope, video email, PC multimedia, Toys, pipe an well inspection purposes and of course security and surveillance purposes.

It has recently released the MO-R803 which it claims is the world’s smallest camera.  It has a pixel of 320×249 and QVGA capture.  The world’s smallest camera has the smallest currently available camera chip which is 1/18” color CMOS.  The product is named Misumi’s MO-R803 and is a snake camera as it is based on a bendable wire.  This feature of the world’s smallest camera allows you to hide and adjust this minute camera to take videos without anyone noticing. There are two different lenses available for this world’s smallest camera one of which is 55 degree vision field and the other has a wider angle of 105 degrees.

The tiny eye of the world’s smallest camera is less than ½ cm and can be used for many diverse purposes such as a handy pipeline inspection device, a spy and surveillance tool etcetera.  It is just a tiny cylinder that measures about 4.4 mm in diameter and 15 mm in length.  The world’s smallest camera Misumi MO R803 has other features such as LED light so that you can do the filming in dark places and is waterproof as well as focus adjustable.

The barrel of the world’s smallest camera has a bendable wire attached to it and this allows you to snake it through clothing or even line it into the frame of your sunglasses or use it in so many other innovative ways. But it has such a small size that many people could be putting it harmful uses too, though there are plenty of perfectly harmless ways of using a device such as this world’s smallest camera.  You can just use this world’s smallest camera to have fun for gags and also for surveillance purposes.

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