Yike Bike – Folding Electric Bicycle

For those living in big cities, commuting can be a real problem especially if it is by car.   There are problems of parking and also finding your way through the congested traffic and the various twists and turns of the roads as also one way streets.  These people would surely prefer something small and sprightly but powered as well. This is where the Yike Bike which is a Folding Electric Bicycle comes in very handy.

This folding electric bicycle is the lightest and smallest of its type in the world and it was designed and constructed in NewZealand at Christchurch.  A mechanical Engineer from New Zealand has come up with this brilliant solution of a folding electric bicycle for a modern portable form of transportation.  No doubt it is a little expensive but good things do come a bit pricey. It is the world’s smallest and lightest folding electric bicycle at just 10 kg.

This Yike Bike weighs 22 pounds and is a folding electric bicycle which is super light as it is made of carbon fiber.  On a single charge this folding electric bicycle allows you to do roughly about 6.2 miles on it at 14 miles per hour which is three times faster than the usual walking speed.  It takes about 30 minutes to recharge fully. The front wheel is a little bigger and measures about 20 inches while the rear wheel is smaller and measures only 8 inches.

The advantage in the Yike Bike is that it can become a folding electric Bicycle which is ideal for travel and it can be reopened in about 15 seconds.  Charging this folding electric bicycle for typical use costs you only a few cents per day and hence makes it a very practical and economic means of transport. The measurements too make it very slim at 6 x 23.6 x 23.6 inches when it is folded so that there is no need of much parking space.

This folding electric bicycle will serve the purpose of going a long way if it is fully powered and this would be useful for people who live in urbanized areas and want to get to nearby places and if you do a lot of traveling.  If you are on a holiday, you can rent a Yike Bike and then just cruise around all over the town and when you want to rest somewhere, just fold this folding electric bicycle up and sling it as you would a backpack.

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  1. What a cool invention! Yup, I can see the advantages of such technology especially if you’re working in the metropolis, but to use it in superhighways, i think it will not work in some ways. Anyway, thanks you so much for sharing this article.


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