Zoo Zoo – Cute, Cuddly but Deadly in Popularity

The Indian Premier League, which is a professional league for cricket in India not only captured the hearts of so many cricket fans across the country but also marked the birth of an iconic character called Zoo Zoo. The Zoo Zoo is white from head to toe, has a silly expression most of the time and will make you smile every time the ads come on. Many describe the overwhelming popularity of this particular character as the Zoo Zoo Effect. They look like human beings but are actually a variant of the human life forms and exhibit very similar silly characteristics.

In true blue Animal Planet style, a Zoo Zoo can be described as a cute, cuddly and silly creature who engages in sillier activities to entertain other organisms. A Zoo Zoo looks like a white humanoid with a gigantic head. Egg head, big balloon head are some of the popular nicknames given to this interesting character. Even more interesting is their language which is what we humans call gibberish. But somehow every single activity that is done by the Zoo Zoo can be easily understood by everyone.

But on a more serious note, the Zoo Zoo is a character conceived by the mind of Rajiv Rao who also gave it its iconic name. The Zoo Zoo character is used in the promotion of the Vodafone service and plays an integral part in the advertisements of the same service. Since its conception the Zoo Zoo characters have been well received by people all over the country and have made the promotional program a grand success.

The ads looked very similar to an animation and many were fooled into thinking it was one. But the Zoo Zoo characters seen in the ad were just small girls who wore white body suits. Even the grey backgrounds were made to look like ones seen in animations. All the silly expressions were made of rubber and pasted on to the head section of the costume. The actors were adult women who had small body frames as children couldn’t be hired due to the odd shooting schedules.

The entire ad was shot by Prakash Varma and produced by a Bangalore based film company called Nirvana films in Cape Town, South Africa. It even has several fan pages in various social networking sites. Today you can get yourself some fine Zoo Zoo merchandise due to the insane success of the advertisements.

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