12.9″ iPad Pro Model by Apple Could Suffer From Shortage Of Supply

The upcoming 12.9-inch iPad Pro is keenly being looked forward to by Apple fans across the world. The iPad Pro was officially announced at the much-talked-about Apple ‘Spring’ event. The new iPad Pro, along with airTags, allows to track stuff in a super-easy way.

As has always been the case with its products, Apple has not shared any information about the iPad Pro, before the event, through its official channels. That, of course, has not stopped the rumor mills from going on overdrive and the media writing several speculative articles about this product. One of the prominent rumors about the product has been it featuring a mini-LED display screen. Reportedly, this display would be more functional and offer better color reproduction than the kind of LCD screen you have seen on iPad Pro devices so far.

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While there is a lot of interest and excitement over this product, a piece of news that has emerged recently might leave fans a little disappointed. According to a report published in Bloomberg, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which is slated to hit the commercial market in mid-May, might suffer from a shortage in supply shortly after it is launched. The reason behind this would be some production-based issues with the mini-LED display that will be a part of the device.

The suppliers have experienced sub-par manufacturing output as far as the mini-LED displays are concerned. If the reports are to be believed, one of the major suppliers of the component had to put a hold on the production process of the displays because of these problems.

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Though there have been issues with the manufacturing of the displays, Apple still proceeded with its plan of launching new 11 and 12.9-inch ‌iPad Pro‌ models. Mini-LED technology is quite innovative as it offers better brightness levels and a better contrast ratio. The upcoming iPad Pro models will have an M1 chip and offer Thunderbolt connectivity.

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