Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro Series Might Feature 120Hz ProMotion Display

Almost every year, Apple releases a new series of iPhones in the commercial market. Fans gather on different online forums to discuss what one could possibly expect from the upcoming lineup. The buzz stays alive even though Apple seldom gives any official update.

Now, a rather interesting piece of information has emerged about the next-generation iPhone 13 Pro lineup. The upcoming lineup will reportedly feature the 120Hz ProMotion display. This will be the very first time that the phone will feature this power-efficient backplane technology.

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ProMotion is the name that Apple has been using for the high refresh rate display which can now be increased to 120Hz on the devices it has been integrated with. Back in the day, 60Hz was decided to the standard refresh rate. This was a result of manufacturers struggling with the disturbance coming in from the power supply. Because of this and a couple of other similar reasons, most phones ended up featuring 60Hz displays.

Some of the recently published reports state that low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) displays have been getting developed for the iPhone for the last two years. If these reports are to be believed, the upcoming iPhone 13 Pro series will come with a 120Hz ProMotion Display.

According to a report published by DigiTimes, which cites industry sources, companies like LG and Samsung are in the process of converting production lines, that were earlier devoted to iPhones, for LTPO production. The report also asserts that the process of migration will be carried out soon. This will enable both the companies to supply display screens to Apple at the scheduled time. These display screens, which were featured in apple watches previously, will most likely feature in both iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max models.

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Before the launch of the iPhone 12, there were rumors about Apple developing a battery-saving technology to be used in LTPO thin-film transistors. It was also being said that this kind of technology is absolutely essential for the purpose of controlling battery life for high-refresh displays on phones which feature small batteries.

The iPad Pro was the first mobile device to feature 120Hz ProMotion displays. Reports which claim to have derived information from sources in the supply chain of Apple state that the displays would be integrated with at least two iPhone models that will come out this year.

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