Bed Designs – 10 Cool Looking Beds

Are you looking for extremely cool bed designs? Well then, given below are some of the most creative bed designs you can find today. Some might be right up your alley while others might be more suitable for children. Some are moderately priced whereas others just completely incinerate your wallet. Either way it doesn’t hurt to know about them. And also a good night’s sleep on an awesome bed will make your tomorrow a better day. 🙂

1) Magnetic Floating Bed

Just hearing the title will tell you that this one of the best bed designs out there. This particular bed was designed by Janjaap Ruijssenaars and uses magnets to actually float in the air. In order to prevent the bed from moving about here and there due to any strong wind movements, it is tied down by four cables at each corner. One of the coolest beds in the world, but it comes at a whopping price of $1.53 million. But hey, dare to dream.

2) NapShell

This one was designed for all the power-nappers out there. The bed is ergonomically designed to make it extremely comfortable for your back and spine. The bed also comes with LED lights, an mp3 player and completely sound proof walls. All in all, it provides an ideal environment for quick power naps.

3) Feel Seating System

This unique bed is made from 120 medium sized sofa balls covered in elastic fabric. The crazy thing about this bed is that you can change its form. It doesn’t have to be horizontal bed all the time. You can pull up the sofa balls to make a small seating arrangement or make new shapes for your relaxation needs. Plus they look kinda cute.

4) Fantasy Coach

This is one of the best bed designs made for young girls. We all have heard about the story of Cinderella and how she got that sweet looking pumpkin carriage to meet the prince. Well this isn’t exactly a pumpkin carriage, but it is a carriage similar in shape. Ideal for children and quite possibly one of the best children’s bed out there. It is made in England and takes about 6 months for construction and delivery.

5) Hi Can

This bed provides an aesthetic quality that is simply unparalleled. What’s more, you can surf the internet, watch movies, play music and games inside. If sleeping had a dream, this would probably be it. What can better than infusing technology with comfort?

6) Private Cloud

Easily one of the best bed designs you can find today, the Private Cloud is a rocking bed that will slowly and gracefully rock you to your sleep. Remember the time when we were kids and had rocking chairs and cradles. Well it’s that brilliant time all over again. 🙂

7) The Computer Bed

This bed combines the features of a bed and a computer table. You can either set it up to form a cozy bed or you can set it up to become a convenient computer table. The bed has gas pistons installed which helps it to transform from one form to the other. Pretty handy indeed.

8 ) BedUP

Some of the best bed designs are so, because of the amount of convenience they provide. Space is one of the most troubling factors in a home. Moreover if you have a big bed, it can be quite a hassle to clean under it. The BedUP is actually suspended from the ceiling and can be pulled down whenever you want to use it. After you’re done with it, you can just put it back up again. Moreover the design of the bed adds a great amount of visual flair to your bedroom décor.

9) Coffin Bed

This one is for all those who like to play Dracula Dracula, the popular game where an individual acts out the part of Count Dracula to the best of his ability. This creepy bed looks like a proper coffin and is made out of solid pine. Sleep comfortably and then suddenly pop out to scare your friends and family. 🙂

10) The Scoop

And saving one of the best bed designs for last, the Scoop makes an entry into the list. The Scoop is one awesome bed for it has the features of both a sofa and a bed. The bed is made up of two pieces which when separated strangely resemble Pacman, the main character of the old iconic video game of the same name. The bed looks extremely cool and is perfect for adding a touch of class to your bedroom. You get one awesome bed and two comfy sofas in one single great product.

We hope that the above article has been an interesting one for you. Do share your thoughts below in the comment section. Who knew bed designs can be so awesome? 😀

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