Counter Strike Game Review

The Counter Strike game is also known as Half-life, Counter Strike 1.6 or just CS and is a shooter video game which has been developed by Valve Corporation.  After the original release, the Counter Strike Game has been made into a series and now includes Counter Strike Condition Zero, Counter Strike Source, and so on.  There are a series of rounds in which a group of terrorists are pitted against another team of counter terrorists.  One has to win each round by completing the specified objective of the mission or eliminating of the opposition.

In the Counter Strike game, there is a first person shooter in which you can join either the terrorist or the counter terrorist team or you can even be a spectator.  Both the teams will try to achieve the objective of the mission for each round.

After each round of the Counter strike game is finished, both the teams keep their equipment which should be used for the ensuing round and the players who are killed have to begin the next round with the basic equipment with which they started.    A bonus is provided if you win a round, lose a round or kill an enemy.  The scoreboard shows each team’s scores in the Counter strike game and also other details such as the player name, the kills, and deaths and so on.

The Half-Life Counter strike game has been very popular and one can download the game freely. Though none of the ideas employed in the Counter strike game is particularly novel, it has been well implemented and strikes a good balance between realistic and frenzied action. A strong social aspect is created through the Counter strike game because once a person is killed he has to sit as a spectator and with these players chatting, there is a lot of tension generated for the other players.


The maps are very appealing and very dramatic as they have excellent lighting effects. The firearm models and skins are really fantastic.  The Counter strike game can be played only online but there has been a lot of cheating and verbal abuse regarding this game. It is very important to have tactical thinking as well as teamwork for the Counter strike game, as the basic requirement is a fast paced shooter.  Hence, your reflexes should be really fast along with a fast internet connection.

The Counter strike game has been a real trendsetter and has inspired many other games on similar themes.  The graphics sound and maps are excellent and hence is very addictive and highly exciting.  Thus, it is truly a thrilling action game.

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