Elder Scrolls VI: About The Much Anticipated Next Game

Bethesda’s Skyrim continues to be one of the most discussed games of all time. Newly arrived games in the market, which feature an open-world, still get compared to Skyrim despite the latter being launched in the market a decade ago. Now, there is just one question playing in everyone’s mind: when will The Elder Scrolls VI release?

At E3 2018, Todd Howard, director and executive producer at Bethesda Game Studios, made an official announcement about The Elder Scrolls VI shortly after the launch of the Starfield trailer. Surprisingly, after making the official announcement, Howard did not provide fans with any other information about the game. He just said, “it’s the game we are thinking about.” Initially, there were talks about Starfield releasing sometime in 2021 but now, there are rumors about it being launched in 2022. Fans are worried that this would have a direct effect on other games being developed by the company.

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There have also been some unverified reports pertaining to the location of the game. These rumors started floating around after the official Twitter account of The Elder Scrolls shared a cryptic tweet featuring the Skyrim map with candles positioned in different areas in the picture.

After Microsoft acquired Zenimax, Playstation fans were concerned about the possibility of The Elder Scrolls VI passing over the PS5 and being available exclusively on Xbox. However, there are slim chances of that happening as the next Skyrim isn’t expected to be launched sometime soon and the hype around the next-generation console will fizzle out by then.

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This move actually got a lot of Skyrim fans excited as they felt this was a part of the company preparing for a new release. Soon enough, they realized that was not the case. After launching a VR version of Skyrim for PlayStation 4, Microsoft wouldn’t want to upset a large number of PlayStation fans.

As things stand, one is pretty sure that you won’t come across any fresh information about The Elder Scrolls VI in the next couple of months. At the moment, Bethesda Game Studios is hiring individuals for different positions for its four studios. They are seeking candidates who can work on environment building, character design and gameplay engineers for a game that the company says has not been titled yet. However, going by the secretive manner in which the company functions, there is a good chance of that game being The Elder Scrolls VI.

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