Fake Reveal Trailer of GTA 6 Offers a Mix of Fan Rumors and Wishes

A fake trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6, put together and published as an April Fool’s joke, gives an idea about what fans of the franchise expect out of it. The last game in the GTA franchise was Grand Theft Auto 5 which released way back in the year 2013. The game featured three protagonists who indulged in a variety of crimes and try to make a fortune for themselves in San Andreas. Grand Theft Auto Online, the online counterpart of the game, continues to receive tremendous support from Rockstar Games.

With GTA 5 completing seven years of its release and Red Dead Redemption 2, which was also released by Rockstar Games, about to celebrate its third anniversary, fans of the franchise are eagerly awaiting the release of a new Grand Theft Auto title. On Reddit and other community forums, fans have written and designed the kind of protagonists they would like to see in the upcoming game. This detailing of their ‘dream protagonists’ comprises detailed backgrounds, character illustrations and custom logos. A while ago, a new webpage launched by Rockstar Games ignited rumors about GTA 6 being announced in the near future. But, no development has taken place on this front.

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A fake trailer of Grand Theft Auto 6, created and published on the YouTube channel Marion XGamer, worked as an effective April Fool’s prank when it was first put up on April 1. Despite being a fake trailer, it is very well-edited and sleek, almost giving one an impression that it is an authentic trailer released officially by Rockstar Games. One of the factors that makes it very believable is the fact that it has the kind of voiceover that you come across in the gameplay trailers released by Rockstar Games in the past.

The footage used in the trailer has been derived from different sources, including content from other YouTube channels and the trailer for The Crew. This trailer by Marion XGamerhas a large number of features that fans expect to see in Grand Theft Auto 6. A few of the elements fans expect include multiple open-world cities and photorealistic graphics.

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Though the trailer is fake, it gives a very good idea about the kind of expectations gamers have from GTA 6. A single-player story would perhaps attract those who don’t fancy online multiplayer content. Having a huge open-world would augment the process of experiencing both single-player and multi-player content.

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