Funny Alarm Clocks – Pretty Designs for Your ‘LOL’ Moments

Funny Alarm Clocks – Pretty Designs for Your ‘LOL’ Moments

There’s nothing better than funny alarm clocks to wake you up in the morning. These extremely funny and pretty designs will put a smile on your face whenever you feel like smashing the thing for making too much noise. Just think about all the money you’ll save by not buying new alarm clocks. Also waking up to a smile will enrich the rest of your day with more pleasant experiences. Mornings are after all made up of alarm clocks and coffee mugs.

1) Kaboom Alarm Clock

One of the weirdest and funny alarm clocks you’ll see today, the Kaboom is actually shaped like a grenade. The alarm sound is extremely loud and certainly very annoying. But then you will see the ridiculous yellow and black color and the alarm sound will soon be drowned by your laughter.

2) The Drill Sergeant Alarm Clock

This one is shaped like a drill sergeant just as the name suggests and is one of the many funny alarm clocks out there. It is also pretty inexpensive. There are over ten phrases stored in it and each time the alarm sets off, the clock will start yelling and insulting you. The insults will carry on until you press the snooze button. 🙂

3) The Throw Alarm Clock

Just as the name suggests, you can throw this alarm clock around. They come in the shape of soccer balls. What’s unique about this alarm clock is that you actually need to throw it to stop the alarm from ringing. It was designed for all those who love to throw their alarm clocks in the morning.

4) Chicken and Egg Alarm Clock

This one is definitely one of the many funny alarm clocks you can find today in the market. It actually lags small eggs every time the alarm goes off. If you want to shut it down, you’ll have to collect all the eggs and put them through the gap in its body. The thing is that you have to put the eggs inside in order. Otherwise the alarm will keep on ringing. This way, you will surely wake up every morning.

5) The Running Alarm Clock

This clock not only has a pretty design, but it also has a very important feature. If you press the snooze button and go back to sleep, this funny alarm clock will start to run around. This hilarious clock can run on wooden floors and even carpets. Get ready for some serious marathon training.

6) Hide and Seek

This is one of the funny alarm clocks that were made in the same vein as that of the running alarm clock. This one also runs off when the alarm goes off. But what is unique about this set is that it actually runs of somewhere and hides. How cool is that?

7) Sfera

This is one ingenious alarm clock. It has to be attached to the ceiling and it consists of a ball that ends up hanging a little above your head when sleeping. When the alarm goes off, it will make a sound and when you slap the ball, the sound will stop. But then the ball goes up a few inches on its string and then starts making the sound again. This continues till you reach all the way up to turn it off from the ceiling.

8 ) Police Alarm Clock

This one looks like an actual police siren attached to a clock. Whenever the alarm goes off, you will hear a message saying “This is the police! You have time till the count of three or we’re coming in”.

9) Laser Target Alarm Clock

These are extremely funny alarm clocks which require you to shoot a laser at the center of the target to shut down the alarm. So unless you really get up, there is no way in hell you’ll be sleeping peacefully.

10) Nobby

One of the best ones in the funny alarm clocks list, the Nobby requires you to actually grasp its neck with both your hands and then shake it vigorously for stopping the alarm. So basically you have to choke the damn thing to get some peace. This makes a good release for any leftover frustration you may have from the previous day.

Wake up to smiles and giggles with these insanely funny alarm clocks. 🙂

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