Alarm Clocks – Pretty Designs for Your ‘WOW’ Moments

When you decide to get a new alarm clock for your kids, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Children, especially those who are very young, have a habit of playing with almost everything that is given to them. It is important to ensure that the clock is made of safe material and is the kind that you can hand over to your children without any worry.  A wise thing to do would be to take your kids along when you go to the clock shop to buy one for them.

Best Lego Alarm Clock for Fans of The Character

When you want your kids to respond to their alarm clock well and wake up early in the morning for school, getting them a clock that is visually appealing should do the trick for you. This lego alarm clock, which features an attractive mini-figure, would be adored by kids who are fans of The Lego Movie. The mini-figure is easily the clock’s biggest selling point. The digital clock displays the time in bold numbers. Children, who are as young as three or four, can check the time easily without them having to ask their parents. Parents do not have to be worried about their kids being disturbed or affected by loud sounds. There are enough volume control options on the device.

Lego alarm clock
Good volume control optionsFigure overpowers the clock
Visual appealSlightly expensive
Digital LCD screen

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Best Retro Alarm Clock for the Kitchen

Manual Magnetic Pomodoro Egg Timer Alarm

It is a cute looking clock that helps you bring a sense of discipline in your cooking. Cooking is a mixture of science and art. And, there are times we tend to take much longer to cook a dish than we should. When you are cooking meals for yourself or your family, being disciplined and quick while going about the process is a must. The bright and cute design of this retro alarm clock will brighten up your mood while cooking and add to the positive aura of your kitchen. While it has been designed for the kitchen, it can be used equally well in other places like a study room.

Pomodoro Egg Timer Alarm
Eco-friendly materialLimited controls
Works perfectly as a cooking timerThe design might not work for some adults
Smooth operation

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Best Alarm Clock for Toddlers

Toddler Alarm Clock with Sleep Training

Instead of making kids wake up early in the morning yourself, get them an alarm clock that would do the needful. Using an alarm clock ensures that children do not get accustomed to their parents waking them up every morning. This particular clock, which comes in different colors, makes for an ideal buy for young parents who have kids who are at a very early stage in their childhood. You get as many as nine brightness levels on the digital screen of this toddler alarm clock that can be adjusted easily. You can set the timer for a couple of days, weeks or even months. The rechargeable battery, which comes as an in-built device, can last up to six hours when you set the brightness level at its highest. You also get a Type-C USB port that enables you to charge the device with a USB cable or a phone charger.

Toddler Alarm Clock
Sunset Simulation techniqueModerate sound levels
Multiple brightness level optionsSlightly complex controls
Effective timer

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Big Ben Alarm Clocks for Vintage Lovers

Big Ben 4 1/2″ Twin Bell Alarm Clock

If you are one of those who like utility products with a charming retro design, then here is a big ben alarm clock you need to have a look at. The minimalistic vintage look, it boasts of, should attract those who like to own things that have a bit of history attached to them. It should also work for those who want to invest in a no-fuss clock that is not too expensive and performs its primary functions well. It may not have any of those fancy controls or features one has come to expect in modern clocks but it is a solid alarm clock that never disappoints when it comes to its performance. It is quite loud, so you will never suffer from the fear of waking up late for work. The metallic finish lends it a simple but classy look and makes it all the more desirable. The cute design and simple controls make it accessible for people of all age groups.

Big Ben Alarm Clock
Night time featureNot loud enough
Retro designDifficult to check battery life
Moderately priced

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Best Unicorn Alarm Clock for Kids

Korotus Collection Unicorn Alarm Clock

If your kids insist on getting them an alarm clock that boasts of an interesting and colorful design, this is a product you might want to invest in. The musical sound of the alarm would not only delight the kids, but adults will also find it appealing too. The night light display feature makes it very easy to check the time even in an extremely dark surrounding. The unicorn on the top ensures that the kid would want to hold it and play with it. As a parent, you do not have to worry when they do so as the clock has been made with ABS material. This unicorn alarm clock is absolutely safe for kids who might want to fiddle with it.

Unicorn Alarm Clock
Easy on eyesConsumes batteries fast
AffordableNot enough durable
Robust sound

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Cute and Elaborate Hello Kitty Alarm Clock for Kids

Hello Kitty KT2052A Alarm Clock Radio with Night Light

If your kids cannot sleep without listening to some music, then you must get them this particular clock which plays radio. If you are a music aficionado too, this would make for a really good investment. The only thing is that you have to be okay with the size of this hello kitty alarm clock. It is quite large and understandably so. The clock features a cute-looking cat sleeping on a small bed. Apart from attracting kids, the thoughtful design would add to the decor of the room the clock would be kept in. The clock produces a sound that is powerful enough to wake your kids in the morning.

Hello Kitty Alarm clock
Large-sizedAverage lighting
Plays radioInconvenient controls
Features a power cord


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Unique Alarm Clocks That Have Wheels and Can Move

Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels

Ever heard of alarm clocks that run away? The first thing that kids are going to notice in this device is the presence of wheels. It is a clock that moves and that is bound to excite young minds who are always curious. The wheels also help one in placing it in any area in the house one wants to. It is available in a wide variety of colors, so you have enough options to choose from. If you prefer a loud alarm over one that makes a moderate sound, here is one more reason why you must go for it. One would definitely recommend it for those who sleep very deeply and find it difficult to wake themselves up even with an alarm clock at their disposal. The digital screen lights up automatically when the alarm rings and you can operate it even in a dark room.

Alarm Clock on Wheels
Features wheelsWheels could be of better quality
Loud alarmBatteries need to be replaced sooner
Simple controls

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Best Digital Alarm Clock With a Projector

Projection Digital Alarm Clock for Bedroom Ceiling

A projector that rotates 180 degrees is possibly the most prominent reason why you should invest in this digital alarm clock. When you get a mini-projector attached with an alarm clock, you are wary of the quality. But, the good news is that the projector you get is of good quality and does its job well. The screen is 7 inches long and it is extremely easy for young children to read the time written in bold digits there. Adults would benefit from the in-built USB port that helps you charge tablets, phones and other chargeable devices. There are different buttons for different functions and that makes it all the more convenient to use it. The brightness levels can be adjusted very easily. A large amount of features and utilities it boasts of makes it a valuable device to own.

Projection Digital Alarm
Effective projectorGet slow at times
USB portOvertly simple design
Dual alarms

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The aforementioned list, which also gives a detailed overview of the respective product, should give you a good idea about their features and shortcomings. Since you are getting a clock for your kids, you must make sure that it is fun, playful and colorful. Let your kids judge the design. You take care of the technicalities and check if the one that you are settling for is durable and features all that you would expect to have in a good quality alarm clock.

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