Guess Who Is The Most Menacing Gang Member in Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 by Rockstar Games features a cast comprising of some dreadful criminals. On one hand, you have the very charming Dutch van der Linde and on the other hand, there is the energetic and fearless protagonist of the game Arthur Morgan. When you play a game over a period of time, you tend to develop a soft spot for some of the characters in it but it is important to keep in mind how dangerous these characters can prove to be to their opponents, especially in this particular game. There is no dearth of characters in RDR2 that are very dangerous and harmful, there is one particular figure that is far more menacing than the rest.

Arthur Morgan

Before finding out the answer as to who is the most dangerous character in the game is, let us have a look at some of the serious contenders for this title. There have been numerous instances in the past wherein Arthur emerged as the most dependable member in the Van der Linde gang. From braving small armies sent by O’Driscolls to fighting with law enforcement agencies, Arthur has managed to complete the most difficult tasks and missions for his gang. For his valor and victories, Arthur could easily have a big bounty on his head in RDR2. Before his ‘diagnosis’ eventually comes into the picture, there is nothing that can stop him in his tracks.

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What makes Arthur further interesting is that despite being this deadly killing machine, he has a moral compass and is somebody who believes in doing things in an ethical manner. He is never the one who starts the fight. He steers clear of violence before somebody provokes him and compels him to unleash the fighter within him. Arthur never causes any harm to an innocent person and is somebody whom one can rely on. However, he vies for the title of the ‘most menacing gang member in RDR2’ based on the kind of person he is to his enemies. For them, he is a ruthless and cold-hearted killer who knows no mercy.

Dutch Van der Linde

The second contender for this title is Dutch, who happens to be the leader of the Van der Linde group. Dutch is largely known for being an excellent gunman but what really makes him dangerous is the kind of control he exercises over his gang members. Dutch’s gang features a bunch of highly skilled who follow Dutch’s commands without ever asking any question. The charm he exudes, along with the kind of mental instability he suffers from in the latter portions of RDR2 makes him come across as an extremely dangerous character.

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Micah Bell

Before you declare any of these two characters as the most menacing one on RDR2, here is another character you should have a look at. At one point in the game, the player is required to assist Micah in breaking out of the jail. From this point onwards, he comes into his own and gives a good enough demonstration of the cold-blooded murderer that he is. There comes a time when Micah shoots down half of the residents in a sleepy town to retrieve some of his favorite guns. Throughout the game, he gives us several ‘practical examples’ of his evil nature. He is somebody who can kill anybody and deceive some of his closest friends whenever he feels the need to do so. With these qualities Micah Bell can be considered to be the most menacing or dangerous member in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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