How to Choose the Best Portable Mini Projector for You

Current mini projectors have reduced in size and improved in performance. These projectors are compact handheld devices and are notable for gaming, movie nights, small businesses and education. They are cost-effective for fun outdoor activities. This guide will help you decide what to look for while finding the best suited mini projector for our needs.

Connectivity Technology

The projector needs to have an HDMI input which is a universal connection available today. There are various inputs available in the projector that allows it to be connected to VGA, USB(external hard disk), DVD player, AV(Headset), TV BOX, Fire Stick, XBOX, PS4 and MHL(smartphone). Wireless connectivity will be preferable if you choose to stream from Wi-Fi. In that case check for the availability of in-built video apps. Choose the best projector by matching your needs with the faculties of a mini projector.

Display Technology

The display technologies available are LCD and LED. Both have their own advantages. Calculate your usage and make an informed decision of the display technology that one would prefer.

bright and sharp image qualityenergy-efficient with wide range of colors
lower costshigher cost comparatively
bulkiersmall and space-saving
requires constant maintenancelasts long with no maintenance

Image Contrast Ratio

A mini projector with a 2000:1 image contrast ratio refers to the ratio of brightness of the white image to the black image. The higher the contrast, the better is the details of the image with various shades of color giving the user better color differentiation.


Resolution is defined as a number of pixels on the horizontal axis to the vertical axis. For better user experience choose the projector with higher resolution. The standard resolution for mini projectors is Full HD(1080P) generally used in digital television, Blu-Ray and online videos.

M6 Mini Projector

The key features of a portable M6 mini projector are LED with Built-in Battery, 1920 x 1080p Full HD Resolution, 30,000 Hour LEDs, USB input and Home Theater Use. The Life span of such an LED would be over 41 years and needs no maintenance. The battery of 2700mah provides 90 minutes of use apart from being charged. HDMI input opens up a wide range of connectivity options to a laptop, PCs, Bluray and gaming consoles. Aux input allows users to connect to external speakers. Options are available to mirror your smartphone or tablet. All the features combinedly provide the user with an immersive experience for both indoor and outdoor movie nights.

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