Increase Your Computer Speed – Find Some Valuable Tips

Why not increase your computer speed rather than feeling frustrated to see yourself lagging whenever you do something on your computer? Files may be taking too long to load; softwares may take eons to open and so forth. These can be highly disruptive and result in a lot of time wastage. Not to mention all the pain caused by the constant hair pulling. Fortunately there are ways to increase computer speed and performance. Some of these tips are included below.

The first and foremost thing to know is that the choice of operating system plays a huge role in the performance of a computer. Choosing the best operating system is definitely going to improve your computer speed. Some operating systems are just more capable of carrying more load than others. By gathering more information about the various operating systems and their own versions, you can find a suitable one. But it is also important to note that certain operating systems have problems running certain softwares and so you will have to consider your needs as well. Partitioning your disks will also help your operating system to find data quickly.

Defragmenting the disks also helps to increase computer speed by a substantial amount. Every time you create a new folder or save files or move them, your hard disk will get more fragmented. Due to this the computer speed slowly starts to go slower and slower. Using the disk defragmentation tool, you can defragment your data to improve the performance of your computer. Using this option every 2 weeks or so will prove to be very handy in the long run.

Clean your hard disks from time to time to remove any temporary data that still might be there. This can be very useful when you have several GB’s of data getting IN and OUT of your hard disk every now and then. These files may exist in your C drive or in the recycle bin and certain large files may take up a lot of space and decrease your computer speed. There are various free softwares such as Disk Cleaner, C-Cleaner, Defraggler, Recuva, etc… available for removing such files and thereby increase your computer speed. Also if you don’t mind having a normal visual screen, you can remove all the fancy visual effects and keep only the ones you need.

Another important trick is to always keep your C drive from getting cluttered with movies, songs and other data that is required to be there. Keep all such files in a different drive. Many people often keep a lot of their media files and other heavy data files in the C drive which results in the low performance and speed of the computer. Also keep a checkout for viruses and scan your computer at regular intervals to remove spywares and viruses.

If you wish to increase your computer speed, follow each tip given in this article. Post your comments and let us know if these work out. If you wish more to share, you’re most welcome 🙂 !!!

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