Job Listing by Rockstar Games Gives A Clue About Grand Theft Auto 6 Setting

Whenever a newly upgraded version of a GTA game comes around, fans revel in its arrival. But at the same time, they start discussing what the next game in the much popular franchise could be like. There is a gap of at least a few years between the release of two GTA games but that doesn’t stop the fans from speculating and trying to figure out the kind of elements the next game in the series would bring to the table.

Ever since Grand Theft Auto 5 came out in 2013, there have been so many rumored reports about the kind of plans Rockstar Games has in the pipeline for GTA 6. We are in 2021 and Grand Theft Auto 6 has not even been announced. But, that has not really helped in controlling the chatter on discussion forums and media reporting about it extensively. Different kinds of details about the game, including its location, storyline, trailer release date and launch date, have been topics of discussion among the media and the fans alike.

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A recent job listing by Rockstar Games India has only fueled the rumors further. According to the listing, Rockstar Games India is looking to hire a mixed-media animator. In the ‘What We Do’ section, the job description clearly states that the company “create[s] content for in-game media for our game world” and “work[s] on multiple platforms to create multiple styles of content for in-game media.”

Many GTA players have picked up and analyzed the words “in-game media” from the listing and stated that it gives an important clue about the setting of the game. Fans have inferred that the words “in-game media” here refer to TV shows and websites that are found in the world the game is based in. The internet came to prominence only in the ‘90s and this makes fans speculate about the fact that Grand Theft Auto 6 might be set in a time post the 1990s.

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Two months ago, another job listing by Rockstar Games emerged which stated that the company was looking for a cinematic gameplay capture artist. That made a lot of fans speculate that a trailer for GTA 6 would be launched sometime soon. There are also some naysayers who have stated that just like Half-Life 3, Grand Theft Auto 6 will turn out to be another game that everybody will keep talking about for a long time but one that will never see the light of the day.

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