LG Ready to Slim Down Laptops and Smartphones with AIT Touchscreen Panels

While there is no immediate remedy for the draining battery issues, manufacturers are now focusing on making electronic devices slimmer and sharper with increased resolution.

Boosting the claim, LG has confirmed in a recent press release that they are ready to launch an all new type of display panel in the third quarter of 2015. The company has named the new technology as Advanced In-Cell Touch shortly known as the AIT panels.

One of the biggest reasons that most touchscreen displays including those found in smartphones and tablets are thick is that there is a LCD panel which is covered with a layer on top of it. It adds up to the width which LG aims to remove with their new AIT panel. These panels are powered by sensors that are directly integrated into the LCD screen, making them slimmer, which obviously leads to lightweight laptops, monitors and other types of displays.

LG Touchscreen

According to LG, the new technology will enable manufacturers to shave at least 1 millimeter thickness off any display and it also reduces the weight by 200 grams. The contrast and brightness levels will be much higher because there are no additional layers on top of the LCD to block them.

To start with, the manufacturer will be shipping those screens for notebooks that have 15.6-inch and 14-inch displays. Apart from making them slimmer, LG AIT panels are also optimized to be the best touch friendly devices so that they seamlessly work when paired with the upcoming Windows 10 operating system.

“With AIT technology, the notebook market will witness a new lease of life with better touch support and thinner design, making it easier to carry them. LG displays have always been the pioneers of latest technology by introducing products with QHD resolution and those that support pen touch. We expect the demand for AIT to soar as soon as the first line up of products hit the market,” said Vice President and Head of Mobile Group, Byeong Koo Kim.

With the advent of tablets and smartphones, desktop PCs and notebooks witnessed a strong slump in the past few years but recent statistics show that people are looking forward to switching back to productive computing devices. By 2019, the laptop and PC market will witness at least 30 percent of growth in sales. A thin display and lightweight build could further boost its reach in the future.

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