Misa Kitara Guitar with Digital Touch Screen

The Kitara from Misa Digital will change the way we look at guitars as it has a very non-traditional way of producing guitars.  The strings have been dropped for a touch screen in the new Misa digital guitar.  It can do a lot of additional interesting things too and make some new sounds.  There are many sounds that can be made in this new Misa digital guitar which sound rather like a synthesizer rather than a guitar.


The Misa Kitara Guitar has 28 frets and is actually an instrument that is futuristic.  It is a multi-touch guitar with a full fret board, a multi-touch touch screen and it also has an onboard synthesizer which is actually already preloaded with sounds and effects.  One does not strum any strings on this Misa digital guitar but makes use of six buttons which are present on the frets and this has to be combined with the hand brushing the screen which is present below. The screen of the Misa digital guitar can be set in order to present six strings and you can pick each string very similar to the way one picks strings on a full -fledged regular guitar.  Mapping of sounds and effects can be done in any number of ways with the Misa digital guitar all along the x and y axis of the screen.

The Misa digital guitar is supposed to hit the market in April 2011 and pre orders have already been started.  This Misa digital guitar is available in two versions, one of which is the hard plastics type which is the standard version and is the cheaper one.  The other is the limited edition which is the aluminum one which is pretty expensive.

The Misa Digital Guitar has a multifunction touch screen and also is provided with MIDI controls.  The polyphonic synthesizer with special effects is available on-board.  The guitarist can fully express his musical vision and can produce electronic music and makes anything possible.  The players don’t use strings but are enabled to express and also to control the sounds with the help of fingertips on the Misa digital guitar.  You can use the touch screen and the fret board of the Misa digital guitar to play and also to make innovative changes to sounds.  All this is possible in real time.

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