Samsung’s Galaxy Tab vs. Apple iPad- Which Reigns Supreme?

The Apple iPad revolutionized the concept of tablet computing and managed to satisfy a large number of eager customers all around the world. The iPad managed to get many things which went wrong in other tablets right and introduced a more user friendly product. But it wasn’t long before other companies started flocking in to grab this exciting new market. Samsung introduced the Galaxy Tablet to go head on with the current king of tablet computing products. There are several factors to consider when looking for the winner in the Galaxy Tab vs iPad battle.

When you look at the size of both of these products it is rather easy to see which one is more comfortable to carry around. The Samsung Galaxy Tab only weighs about 0.84 pounds making it a very convenient product to use on the go. Both the products display pretty much the same processing speeds as they use the same A8 Cortex CPU for their processing needs. But the iPad manages to beat the Galaxy Tab as far as the LCD screens are concerned as it not only has a comfortable 9.7 inch span but it also provides higher resolution.

As far as the apps are concerned, Apple wins hands down as there are currently over 25,000 apps for the iPad. But this victory s only short felt as the Samsung Galaxy Tab managed to come up with an ingenious feature which is a 3 megapixel camera. The camera can be used for recording video and to capture still photographs. Moreover it can also be used for videoconferencing which adds extra points to Samsung when comparing the Galaxy Tab vs iPad.

Battery life is also a very important factor to consider especially when the system is used for mobile purposes. The iPad can offer about ten hours of battery life whereas the Galaxy Tab can only offer seven hours. When comparing the functionality of internet connectivity in both of the products, the iPad emerges as the winner. The Android browser in the Galaxy Tab sometimes tends to lag especially when the web pages get more crowded. The iPad offers smooth sailing when browsing.

Media support is something that most of us look for when looking for a tablet device. Though the legacy of Apple in the music and video department is incomparable, it doesn’t support flash content or certain video formats like DivX, Xvid, WMV etc. The advantage is in Samsung’s hands here as it easily supports all of the above features and more. Thus there is no need for converting video into suitable formats like in the iPad. In the end choosing the winner in the Galaxy Tab vs iPad battle is hard as both products are certainly sound choices. But at the moment the Apple iPad wins by a small margin due to the high efficiency of its software and its price.

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