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Did you ever know that you can schedule email using Microsoft outlook express in your computer? There are always a smart way to do things and a tiresome way to do it. Which way depends on the individual. Some people prefer the tiresome way as it is hard work and such a feeling satisfies some. While such a belief is worthy of respect, sometimes it can get you in hot water as well. In such cases smartly doing it would be the wisest choice.

Sometimes when engaged in a business with an individual or company outside one’s country, you will have to send e-mails at specific times due to the difference in time zones. If one of those times end up being early morning at say 5 AM, then you can either set your alarm clock to wake up that early to send it or you can utilize the schedule email option in Microsoft outlook.

To schedule email would be far more convenient especially since all you have to do is set up the schedule the previous night of the send date. The scheduled email will automatically be sent without any delay at the set time. This way you won’t have to sacrifice your precious sleep and after all advancements in technology are made to make things more convenient. You can easily utilize the schedule email option in outlook by the following steps.

When you ‘Open’ an email in outlook, go to the ‘message tab’ and click the ‘message options arrow’ to open a new dialog box. The message option will be depicted by a small arrow symbol on the right side of the box. You can also use the options expansion button in the options tab to access the dialog box. When the new dialog box opens, look for the delivery option and mark the ‘do not deliver before’ option. Then set the ‘calendar’ and ‘time’ to the date and time you need to send the particular email and you’re all done.

Now it is important to remember that Outlook should be kept opened until the set time for it to work. Closing the program will stop the schedule email process. You can do this for any number of emails to ensure the accurate delivery of all your email messages.

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