The Future of Screen Technology

There is bound to be a lot of changes in the screen or display and the screen technology as we see it today.  There is speculation that by the end of this year there is going to be a mass production of a 9.7 inch color e-paper display and a 19 inch e-paper display of the flexible type.  Though this may be mere speculation, people don’t want to sit in front of a screen and would rather have a surface which has display capability which is bound to bring about changes in screen technology.  There is a potential for large touch screens and screens on all types of surfaces and also for the screen size.

TAT which is a Swedish software company specializing in technology and design have created a video showing the future of Screen technology.  This shows the characteristics of flexibility, stretch ability and also transparent screens with augmented User Interface.  It also seems that OLEDs can fit in directly in this screen technology.  Recently, they had an open innovation experiment where they stretched out the potentials of an idea for two weeks along with the web community and then produced a video of the idea that generated the maximum response as well as ideas and comments.

They actually offered three areas for this namely the future of driving, the future of screen technology and the future of communication.  The future of screen technology won the maximum responses and then they made this video which shows the face of user interfaces in 2014.  It shows a person getting up in the morning to stop the alarm by not even touching the screen and then stretching the screen which is of the flexible type and sending messages.


A lady brushing her teeth is able to watch the news in the mirror itself which serves as a screen which can be slid and pushed up and down.  The Screen technology shows

many such remarkable innovations especially with touch screen technology.  There is no longer any use of a mouse or a touch pad but just indirect touching of the computer screens.  No device needs to be held in the hand at all.

It is definitely possible for most of this amazing innovation in screen technology happening as we already have the capability for all this.  All this innovation makes out present keyboard and the mouse on it look antique.


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