This is your Ultimate Guide to Retain Website Leads in 2019

The claim that we are about to make here might sound philosophical but always be open and honest about what you can offer to your customers. This is the first and foremost step to retain website leads in 2019 apart from useful features like live chat for website, an engaging design and ideal choice of colors/ fonts that can connect with your audience.

Website visitors are quite impatient and have a very little attention span. As much as you are a business owner, you also happen to a customer for someone else. Would you really be patient if someone starts with a basic introduction, advertisements and slowly reveal their product features? 

You will most probably want immediate answers so that you can make a decision right? That’s what every visitor who lands on your website wants and you have to provide them what they are looking for immediately. 

Learn What Your Customers Want

Before you start to implement live chat for website, chatbots, automated newsletters and other elements as lead generation ideas, view your business from a customer perspective. A couple of questions should help you see what they see and find those jarring errors that can easily be fixed.

  1. What is the product/service that you offer?
  2. How expensive it is? 
  3. Are there any discounts provided or additional features to make it better value for money?
  4. Can I have a trial period to make up my mind? 
  5. What is unique in your product that sets it apart from the competitors?

Here are the important elements that shouldn’t hinder your customer’s user experience. While lead generation ideas may suggest otherwise, keep statistics aside and see things from a layman’s perspective to make some well-informed decisions.

The Don’ts – Crucial Elements that Affect Retention Rate on Your Website 

Stay away from business jargons – The customer literally never wants to know the terms business people use. These jargons are huge blunders that can drastically boost the bounce rate and push customers off of your platform. Avoid using them at any cost and especially not on the landing page. You can use live chat for lead generation but jargons are an altogether different deterrent. 

Focusing on Desktop and not on mobile – Over 85% of users prefer using a smartphone over its desktop counterpart. An average American user views their smartphone 52 times per day, based on a survey by Deloitte. The live chat for website should be compatible with mobile phones and easy to use. 

Overloading visitors with information – Another common mistake made by brands is when they try to talk about a lot of things, all at once! There are so many lead generation examples and tips on how to get leads online but these leads are only good when you can retain them for a longer period on your website. Give them the information they came looking for and keep the rest of the information on different tabs or on different pages.

Keeping drawbacks hidden – A product or service may obviously have some drawbacks. A software which is ideal for professional users with lots of customization may sound complex for the average user. Your product may be priced higher because of specific reasons but don’t try to hide it. If you have a feature that is unique, people will obviously come forward to buy it if the perceived drawbacks are shared upfront on your website.

Customer Retention in 2019 – Guide to Better Implementation of Familiar Strategies

Creating an impressive website design and a great product are some of the basics you need in order to retain customers who visit your website. There are a few strategies known to be the best way to generate leads that can be followed in order to make your website user-friendly and boost conversion rates.

#Live Chat for Website – Allow your visitors to immediately get in touch with human chat assistance or a chatbot based on the time of visit. Being able to get simple questions answered immediately will always help push sales, be it for products or services that you offer.

#Multiple Checkout Options – Before convincing a customer to pay for a product, free live chat trial and other trial options can help them know its value. But, being unable to pay money to own a product can deter lots of users. Always make use of multiple payment gateways so that the customer can pay immediately without any hurdles that might put them off.

#Less Technical Specifications – Every time the topic of technical specification comes into the picture, think of tech giant Apple’s website and learn to keep it simple. The visitor who lands on your website may hardly be tech-savvy which is why it is best to keep technical specifications out of immediate reach. Focus on how the product or service can help them out or their company. Live chat for lead generation and retention can help clarify their doubts if any.

#UX and UI, Colors and Fonts – The design of your website will play a huge role in generating sales leads ideas and retaining your visitors. The best way to generate leads can vary but the first thing they see is your choice of color and fonts. Leave enough white space so that the images are prominent and the text is easy to read. 

#Assure customer privacy – Customers may be skeptical to share credit card information and other personal details. You can understand how to get leads online, use live chat for website and even offer trial period but at the end of the day, they should be able to make payments without the fear of losing their information. Make use of SSL certificates and create a trustworthy brand image which will help in generating sales leads ideas in the near future through word of mouth. 

A Deloitte survey claims privacy concerns are high among customers as over 80% are skeptical about providing their card or account details to third parties. When your website offers a combined strategy with reliable design, a product with better features and easier to understand web page, you are bound to not only retain visitors but also convert them into long-term customers.

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