Top 10 iPhone Accessories – Coolest Gadgets

iPhone accessories are one of the coolest additions you can get for your iPhone. The iPhone is after all one of the coolest gadgets to come out this decade and so deserves only the best accessories. The iPhone has made many fans ever since it entered the market. It is one device that is loved by both fans of Apple and non fans. The various apps,sleek design and functionality are some of the reasons behind its unwavering popularity. The various iPhone accessories that are available today come with a wide variety of unique features to serve many different purposes. Some of the coolest accessories are given below.

1) Stunning Cases

Artistic cases are undoubtedly some of the coolest iPhone accessories you can get for your phone. These silicone based cases come in a variety of mind blowing designs that will just… well, blow your mind away. You can get these cases online.

2) iPhone Armbands

These iPhone accessories are an essential item to have if you’re a power user and a jogger. You can take your phone with you on runs and listen to their favorite songs. The armband is designed to specifically secure the iPhone in place. It kinda looks cool too.

3) The Intempo iPhone Dock

One of the best docking iPhone accessories out there, the Intempo dock system allows you to charge your phone and providers a good set of speakers for playing music. Moreover, you can also spin your iPhone horizontally and vertically for better viewing angles when watching videos.

4) iPhone Cowboy Case

Reading the name itself is enough to put it in the list of coolest iPhone accessories. What more can you hope for? An iPhone case that is shaped in the form of a holster is the stuff that fantasies are made of. You can even put your money, keys and cigarettes in this case.

5) Sinjimoru Sync and Charge Dock Stand

This is easily one of the coolest iPhone accessories you can find. It can charge your iPhone and support your phone in both landscape and portrait mode. You can use this stand with a number of iPhone models like the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iTouch etc.

6) GoSmart

The simplicity of this device makes it one of the coolest gadgets ever in the iPhone accessories category. You can fix your iPhone on to the steering wheel of your car in case you need to keep your G.P.S display in a more convenient location. The practicality of this device can be debated but it is a cool device anyway.

7) Retro handset

This one makes the list of coolest iPhone accessories only because it is shiny and red. Plus it’s a freakin handset shaped like a telephone receiver. Things cannot get more awesome.

8 ) iPhone Tactile Keyboard

Another extremely useful one in the iPhone accessories list is the Tactile keyboard. Sometimes typing on the iPhone can be tough. In such cases you can simply attach this handy keyboard to have a hassle free and convenient typing experience. Definitely, one of the most useful accessories for your iPhone.

9) iPhone Holder

This handy device is included in the list of amazing iPhone accessories due to the fact that apart from its practical uses, it looks like a snake. One cannot say that this is not a unique design. It looks extremely cool when kept on a table. Like a snake that is allowing you to video chat more conveniently. Sounds a lot cooler when put in that way, doesn’t it?

10) Bamboo iPhone Cases

One of the most visually stunning, tongue twirling, eye popping iPhone accessories out there, the Bamboo Cases are just incredibly cool to look at. They come in a wide variety of mind numbingly great designs. Its beauty is quite frankly unparalleled. In fact it is so cool that if you put your jailbreaked iPhone in one of these cases, your phone will get acquitted. (Extremely bad joke. Sorry)

Hopefully this list of extremely cool and useful iPhone accessories has been an interesting one for you.


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