Unannounced Grand Theft Auto 6 Making the fans anxious and even frustrated!

Ever since it was launched as Grand Theft Auto in the year 1997, this series of action games by Rockstar Games has been very popular with gamers. Since its inception, the game has been released in several different versions and each of the versions has been received well by gamers and critics alike. Apart from giving gamers a good opportunity to indulge in high-octane action, the game also has a strong narrative structure that keeps them thoroughly engaged.

Though the last entry made to GTA5 is eight years old and several other updates are pending, the game has only grown from strength to strength in terms of its popularity. Next-generation consoles like the Xbox Series X and PS5 are scheduled to be upgraded sometime during this summer and there has been no official update about Grand Theft Auto 6 either. Rockstar Games seems to have decided not to share anything about GTA 6 for the time being but that hasn’t stopped fans of the GTA franchise from speculating about the kind of things the game would offer. So much hype for a game that is years away from its release!

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Rockstar Games is known to be very secretive about its upcoming or unreleased games. While this approach has worked for them on multiple occasions, it also ends up making the fans a little anxious and even frustrated. This is something which, perhaps, they have not made a note of and addressed as yet.

A while ago, CD Projekt Red launched Cyberpunk 2077 which has been one of their most talked-about titles in the last several years. While the game was received well by most people, there was a certain section of gamers who were a little disappointed by what the game offered. The reason behind this was the fact that there was so much hype and anticipation around the game that fans were expecting something they had not witnessed before. They didn’t want a great game. They expected to be treated with an extraordinary game!

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There is a lesson for Rockstar Games here. When a company refuses to share any information about its product, it leads to fans becoming overtly excited about it over a period of time. While hype and anticipation do help a game that is about to release, it also creates unrealistic expectations which prove detrimental in the long run.

Every game has its merits and no matter how good it, there are certain things about it that gets criticized. Perhaps, giving a small glimpse of what fans could expect from GTA 6 would be a good idea to ensure they have ‘right’ expectations and don’t expect anything out of the game that they won’t be a part of it.

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