Understanding The Controversy and the Uproar Around The Sims 4 Kits

The Sims 4 Kits are DLC packs that come at a very reasonable price but still, they have managed to stir controversy in the Sims community. The Kits, which are priced at $4.99 enable players to be more consistent with selecting their DLC packs and customize their purchases in a way that works well for their play style. However, many players have complained about having to buy this ‘extra thing’ at a time when a large part of the world is grappling with financial difficulties owing to the Covid-19 crisis.

After an official announcement about the Sims 4 Kits came about in the first week of March, a large number of gamers started voicing their disapproval over their pricing. Popular Simmers like James Turner and Iilsimsieexpressed their concerns over the kind of adverse effects it would have over the game in the long run. Like other users, they also pointed out the fact that new content releases would result in players spending a certain amount of money which they wouldn’t have at this point in time. They also posed a question about the Sims 4 getting back to a Sims 3 type of content release. If that happens, a regular player might just end up getting bankrupt.

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The Sims subreddit was inundated with a barrage of jokes about the way EA is still adding more amount of paid DLC by stating the reason that it is doing so to keep the base game updated and adding items that have been frequently requested by players in the past. Players have also come across instructions to download ‘customized content’ put together by members of the community.

SIms 4 Island living

If you wish to procure and use all the content that the Sims 4 offers, which includes the Kits, Stuff Packs, Expansion Packs and Game Packs, you will be required to spend close to $800. Though this amount is much lesser than what you would have to spend to buy the entire content catalog of The Sims 3 Store, it still acts as a reminder of the amount of money you have to pump in to buy content related to the Sims and how it makes things difficult for good players who cannot afford to pay this much money to enjoy the game fully.

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It has been seven years since the first game in The Sims franchise came out. Since then, the community has worked hard to keep the different versions of the game relevant to the time they are released in. Efforts have also been made to make the game accessible to a wide range of players. However, asking players to invest in new content related to the game at regular intervals might result in dampening the popularity of the game.

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