USB Chess Game- Bringing Chess into a Whole New Dimension

The USB chess game is definitely one of the most unique games to come out recently. Chess has been a favorite game for many people all around the world for the last few hundred years. It is a game that stimulates one’s mind and focus. It is no wonder that most of the geniuses adore this game. But so far there have been only two different types of chess to play with. One is the real one that uses a board and actual pieces whereas the other is played in the computer. Today, with the advent of technology and some serious creativity, a new type of chess game has been created.

This new USB chess game consists of roll up game board and actual pieces, but the unique thing about this game is that it also has a USB chord that you can attach to your computer. The game comes with a software CD too that lets you install the game software. This software can record all the moves you make in real time and can even suggest tips during the game. It will also keep a track on the game time you have left enabling you to fully concentrate on the game itself. Such unique features make this game an extremely helpful one for beginners.

Another cool feature of this USB chess game is that it has a flexible game board. You can just roll it and take it with you wherever you go. Take it to the park, to your favorite coffee shop and just about anywhere you like. It’s extremely portable. The game also allows you to either play with another individual or with the computer. When you’re playing with the computer, you’ll be able to see the computer’s moves on the computer screen. So basically this game combines the best features of a traditional chess game set and the digital one.

The USB chess game board has small sensors attached to it that keeps track of the various movements of the chess pieces. This information is then relayed to the computer and gets converted into electronic signal and comes out on your computer screen. The software also lets you take screenshots of your game to capture any glorious moments you may have or just for vanity purposes. You can also pause and restart the game anytime you want. Plus this is one really good looking USB device.

This game set doesn’t require any batteries. All you need is a computer and you’re good to go. You can also select the hint button to get help on your next move. You can keep a tab on your high scores and even send the screenshots of your game to your friend. You also get a user guide along with the set to help you clear any doubts or queries you may have. With so many interesting features, the USB chess game provides a fun and stimulating experience.

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