Why Facebook Sucks Most of Your Time?

“Facebook sucks” is one of the favorite declarations made by many people who just believe that the entire site is just for show and doesn’t have any real content to provide. There are many who consider themselves to be great intellectuals who are too intelligent to use such a commercial social networking website. Below a few of the reasons will be discussed along with a few real problems of Facebook.

Many believe that Facebook sucks because it is a juvenile attempt to glamorize the social connectivity fad that is going on these days. These people believe that not only does it look juvenile but it is also very unprofessional for business reasons despite many using it as one. Some think that Facebook sucks for the sole reason that many people are using it to just show off their friends list and not really interested in making new friends. Hence they believe Facebook to be a fake tool for insecure people.

Many say that Facebook sucks due to the lack of privacy offered by the social networking site. In Facebook any information you put in your profile belongs to Facebook. Since this information can be read by anyone on the site, many see it as a serious breach in their privacy. There is also the problem of Facebook being used by employees during their working hours. It has been found that an employee spends about 12 days a year on Facebook alone during working days.

One of the reasons why Facebook sucks is that there way too many apps that tend to get cluttered on your page. Some apps are simply moronic to the point it makes ignorance look like a wise concept. The administrators are also known to sometimes randomly delete certain profiles without checking for any credible reasons. Anyone who has a grudge against you can report your profile and can get it removed which is another reason why Facebook sucks.

A survey was done recently that showed that many believe that Facebook sucks contrary to popular thought. The survey was about the satisfaction of people on various websites and businesses. Over 70,000 people took part in the survey and Facebook was at the end of the list. More people liked the IRS website than Facebook. The constantly changing privacy policies, irritating apps, misc notifications and the ever changing interface revamps were some of the reasons given by many when asked about the reason why they thought Facebook sucks.

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