Your Sure-Fire Guide to Retain Website Leads in 2019

The year 2019 is a highly competitive one (We know that this is being said by every company, every year but hear us out!) because the digital world has seen dramatic transformation. Google has changed a lot and so are the visitors. While statistics claim that an impressive design, intuitive user experience and additions like live chat for website can help retain website leads in 2019, there are lots of different factors at play in order to reach this coveted spot.

Let us explore some of the key elements that help create a powerful website which is capable of retaining interest and converting leads into customers. Before that, here are some facts you should know about the modern day online shoppers.

What Does the #Snapchat Generation Expect?

Be it Snapchat, Instagram or even Pinterest, every social media has undergone some major changes because they have to adapt and serve these new age customers. They follow certain things and you should too!

  • Never underestimate your visitor’s knowledge or their capability to understand your business
  • Keep things simple and the website design should be in such a way that immediate tools are readily accessible
  • People’s patience levels are at an all-time low so make sure your website loads fast, really fast
  • Have handy assistance to clarify their doubts. Using live chat for lead generation is one among the current strategies
  • The website should definitely be mobile friendly so that it works seamlessly when used on a mobile device.

5 Sure-Fire Elements that Will Allow You to Retain Website Leads in 2019

#1 Intuitive and Easy to Navigate Design

Every brand’s website will have tons of stories to tell. You must always keep it simple for the visitors. A bad approach is to flood the landing page with too much information. Create a website that is intuitive, with the search box easy to reach, have pleasant colors and most importantly – highlight what that page is about immediately

#2 Choose Simple Vocabulary 

Amalgamating convoluting phrases together will only make things ambiguous and redundant. (Does the choice of words here annoy you a bit?) If it does, you are probably doing the same for your visitors if you try to use industry jargons and elite English words that are not necessary. Keep it simple and let them know what the website is about.

#3 Assistance Should Assist, Not Intimidate

Some websites try to throw ads, call to action words, live chat support and everything else at the visitor as soon as they reach the landing page. Avoid intimidating the visitor because they don’t need all the information right away. Instead, assist them in a non-intrusive manner with easy to read content and live chat for website

#4 Focus on Your Selling Point

The best way to generate leads may vary but the right way to retain a visitor is to immediately throw your big guns. Be it a trial period, free one-user plan or massive discounts, let the customer know what your brand offers, which will help convert a visitor into a customer without allowing them to lose focus to a different tab on their browser.

#5 Make Use of Pleasant Colors and Lots of White Space

The white space on your website is what will help highlight your product promotions. Give enough white space so that the overall design of your website is highlighted and easy to read. Similarly, always go with pleasant colors because bright red, blue or other choices may often lead to a visitor questioning about the credibility of your website. The design schematics combined with colors, fonts and image placement play a huge role in retaining visitors.

Informative Solutions Matter the Most in 2019

The search engine experts are busy hunting down lead generation ideas but based on how Google works now, if you have informative solutions to share with your visitors, you are likely to reach the top and retain your customers. Generating sales leads ideas are very important and will help increase traffic and conversions as well. Almost every new startup with a unique idea has managed to grab the attention of people and grow big.

The power of the internet is much more influential nowadays allowing you to grab the attention of people irrespective of whether you are a new startup company or an established firm. Marketing still continues to be the best way to generate leads but how it is done is much more refined and the expectations of customers are more demanding than it has ever been. You may consider using a free live chat trial to see if you can help your visitors and convert them into customers.

Website Visitor Retention Tips and Techniques 

  • Most visitors in 2019 are willing to spend less than 10 seconds of their time within which you have to clearly convey what’s required
  • Always create forms or surveys that can be completed in just five seconds or less 
  • The concept of asking users to sign-up for newsletters or provide e-mail ids is long gone. Consider skipping those old marketing strategies and focus on newer ones
  • Live chat for website powered by AI bots is mandatory as they are available round the clock and help immediately solve any customer queries to avoid cart abandonment 
  • Add a personal touch to your content and images because people connect better with custom-made solutions than purchasing a template image from websites 

The Final Word 

Above everything else, it is the brand image and you are going to spend your time, energy and money that will play a huge role in retaining the customers. Obviously, the first few baby steps may be hard and difficult against corporate giants fighting for visitor retention but it is not all impossible as it might sound. The most difficult part will be to find out how to get leads online. For this you have to compete against dozens of competitors in Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo to convince a person to click on the link to visit your website.

Have your trust placed on a team of talented designers, content writers, and SEO specialists to help promote your brand. Irrespective of the size of your company, the possibility of gaining visibility against all odds is much higher now with the help of impressive design and delivery empowered by social media apps. Build trust and retain website leads in 2019 by blending creative ideas that are easier to access and understand.

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